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The following is a list of all addons currently made for BentoBox:

  • Bank: Provides an island bank to enable island members to share money.
  • Biomes: Enables players to change biomes on islands.
  • Border: Adds a world border around islands.
  • Cauldron Witchery: Allows summoning mobs using some magic!
  • Challenges: Gives your players challenges to accomplish.
  • Chat: TeamChat and IslandChat for BentoBox gamemodes.
  • Control Panel: This is simple ControlPanel for all BentoBox GameMode addons.
  • Dimensional Trees: Turns the trees that grow in the Nether or in the End into specific materials.
  • ExtraMobs: Adjusts some mob spawning rules to get Blazes, Wither Skeleton, Shulkers and Bees.
  • Greenhouses: Enables players to make mini biome glass houses on their island.
  • IslandFly: Allows your players to fly on their islands.
  • InvSwitcher: Allows you to split inventories between the different worlds.
  • Level: Calculate your island level and show a top ten. Also so you can brag to your friends :D
  • Likes: Creates a voting system to rank islands.
  • Limits: Limits blocks and entities that your players can place on their islands.
  • MagicCobblestoneGenerator: Generates any blocks in a cobblestone generator.
  • TwerkingForTrees: Twerk to make trees grow faster on your island.
  • Upgrades: Upgrades to an island of any GameMode.
  • Visit: Lets your players visit other islands with a command.
  • VoidPortals: Teleports to the dimensions by falling into the Void.
  • Warps: Enables players to plant a warp sign and visit other player's islands.

With more to come :D