Add-on for BentoBox to add challenges for BSkyBlock and AcidIsland
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Challenges Addon

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Add-on for BentoBox to provide challenges for any BentoBox GameMode. Challenges can be to collect items, to have items or blocks nearby, to amass an amount of money or island levels, or to have accomplished some player statistic. Each challenge can reward the player with money, experience points, blocks, items, or other things, like permissions, Pre-built challenges are available and there is also a Web Library of pre-built ones. Customize them to fit your needs!


How to use

  1. Place the addon jar in the addons folder of the BentoBox plugin
  2. Restart the server
  3. Edit the config.yml how you want.
  4. Restart the server
  5. Run the Admin challenges command to set up challenges for your game mode.


By default, challenges addon comes without any challenge or level. On first run time only Admin GUI will be accessible. Admins can create their own challenges or import some default challenges. Default challenges contains 5 levels and 57 challenges. There also exists a Web Library, where admins can download public challenges. It is accessible from the Admin GUI by clicking on the Web icon.


  • BentoBok
  • BSkyBlock
  • AcidIsland
  • SkyGrid
  • CaveBlock


As with most of BentoBox projects, Challenges Addon is translatable into any language. Everyone can contribute, and translate some parts of the addon in their language via GitLocalize. If your language is not in the list, please contact the developers via Discord and it will be added there. Unfortunately, default challenges come only be in English, but there are different challenges libraries where everyone can share their challenges with their translations.


More information can be found in the docs:

Bugs or feature requests

If you like this addon but something is missing or is not working as you want, you can always submit an Issue request or get a support in Discord BentoBox icon