Player Analytics plugin for Minecraft Server platforms (Bukkit/Sponge/Nukkit/BungeeCord/Velocity) - View player activity of your server with ease. 📆
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Player Analytics

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Player Analytics is a fully-fledged solution for the analytics needs of your Minecraft server. A built-in webserver displays insights into different aspects of the server such as Online activity, Playerbase, and how these change over time.

Plan supports multiple different platforms and versions; Spigot, Paper, Sponge, SpongeForge, Bungeecord, Velocity, Cauldron & all derivatives - One jar for all platforms.



    <version>{jitpack version}</version>


You can build the project by running the following in the repository root:

cd Plan
./gradlew build

Used Libraries


Player Analytics is licensed under LGPL-3 (GNU Lesser General Public License)