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The simple yet powerful stacking plugin built to meet all your stacking needs.

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Ultimatestacker is a simple yet powerful stacking plugin for Minecraft that allows you to stack mobs, items, spawners and blocks on your server all in a single. This allows for the reduction of lag from large amounts of mobs walking around and in mob grinders, items floating on the ground, large amounts of placed spawners in grinders, and also allows you to remove randomly placed block towers in your builds and turn them in to a single block. The plugin stores all the mobs, items, spawners and blocks, and displays a single entity along with a hologram above the entity that allows you to see how many entities are in that particular stack. This functionality is sure to keep your players coming back because of the high entity caps with reduced lag.


You can visit our marketplace to download ultimatestacker as well as take a look at many other fantastic plugins which are sure to catch your eye.


You can find all the information about the plugin, including dependencies, commands, permissions, incompatible plugins on our wiki. Feel free to also contribute to the wiki as a way to help others in the community with using the plugin.


If you encounter any issues while using the plugin, feel free to create a ticket on our support desk.


For suggestions about features you think should be added to the plugin to increase its functionality, feel free to create a thread over on our feedback site.