Allows the connection of older clients to newer server versions for Minecraft servers.
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Allows older Minecraft client versions to connect to newer server versions.

Requires ViaVersion to be installed..

Supported Versions

As a plugin, ViaBackwards runs on servers on releases 1.10-latest. Versions from the dev branch will also support the latest snapshot. You can also use ViaBackwards in ViaFabric or ViaFabricPlus.

See HERE for an overview of the different Via* projects.

Releases/Dev Builds

You can find releases in the following places:

Dev builds for all of our projects are on our Jenkins server:

Known issues

  • 1.17+ min_y and height world values that are not 0/256 are not supported. Clients older than 1.17 will not be able to see or interact with blocks below y=0 and above y=255
  • <1.17 clients on 1.17+ servers might experience inventory desyncs on certain inventory click actions
  • Sound mappings are incomplete (see here)
  • <1.19.4 clients on 1.20+ servers won't be able to use the smithing table, this can be fixed by installing AxSmithing


List of contributors:


After cloning this repository, build the project with Gradle by running ./gradlew build and take the created jar out of the build/libs directory.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

Special Thanks

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