Allows the connection of newer clients to older server versions for Minecraft servers.
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Allows the connection of higher client versions to lower server versions - it works on any platform you can think of.

The base ViaVersion jar runs on Paper, Velocity, Bungee, and Sponge. We also have projects integrating ViaVersion to run on Fabric, Forge, or as a standalone proxy to join from basically any client version on any server version from the past decade. See HERE for an overview of the different Via* projects.

Supported Versions:

Table (

User Docs:

Releases/Dev Builds

You can find official releases in the following places:

Dev builds for all of our projects are on our Jenkins server:

ViaVersion as a Dependency





repositories {

dependencies {
    compileOnly("com.viaversion:viaversion-api:VERSION") // Replace the version

If you need access to the existing protocol or platform implementations, use the parent artifact viaversion. Please note the differences in licensing.


After cloning this repository, build the project with Gradle by running ./gradlew build and take the created jar out of the build/libs directory.

Mapping Files

Mapping files are generated and managed in our Mappings repository.



The entirety of the API directory (including the legacy API directory) is licensed under the MIT License; see licenses/ for details.

Everything else, unless explicitly stated otherwise, is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, including the end-product as a whole; see licenses/ for details.

Special thanks to all our Contributors.