High performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies

Updated 47 minutes ago

Citizens - the premier plugin and API for creating server-side NPCs in Minecraft.

Updated 1 day ago

Easy-to-use, open-source plugin for the creation and execution of quests on Minecraft servers.

Updated 2 days ago

1.18.1 Lightweight and multi-threaded Minecraft server

Updated 2 days ago

Allows the connection of newer clients to older server versions for Minecraft servers.

Updated 3 days ago

ChestShop - the chest & sign shop plugin for Minecraft Servers running Bukkit/Spigot/Paper

Updated 5 days ago

An advanced portals plugin for bukkit

Updated 7 days ago

🛡️ Protect your Minecraft server and lets players claim areas

Updated 1 week ago

Bukkit plugin which lets you teleport players to random locations. [v2: 1.13 - 1.16.x]

Updated 2 weeks ago

SubServers – The Minecraft Server Management Platform

Updated 3 weeks ago

Create modern looking holograms in Minecraft.

Updated 3 weeks ago

MobArena plugin for Minecraft

Updated 6 months ago

ActionHealth is a highly configurable Minecraft plugin that utilizes the action bar to display entity health with over 300,000 downloads

Updated 7 months ago

The original Bukkit Multi-World Plugin!

Updated 11 months ago

Harbor is a plugin that redefines sleep within your Spigot server!

Updated 2 years ago

An intuitive and powerful plugin to create graphical user interfaces in Minecraft.

Updated 2 years ago

Anti cheating plugin for Minecraft (Bukkit/Spigot).

Updated 2 years ago